Triathlon Coaching


Whether you’re training for your first or fastest sprint, Olympic distance, half or full Ironman distance triathlon, Coach Parry has you covered.


Our coaches are equipped to help you acheive your triathlon goals.

What do you get?

One on One Coaching

At Coach Parry we do not believe in a one size fits all approach. Your training program is created around your schedule and goals. Not the other way around.

Tons of Support

Depending on how much coaching support you need, we have a coaching package to suit everyone. From once off to unlimited support, we’ve got you covered. Access to the online community also means you’re never alone.

Goal Specific Training

Don’t just train for the sake of training. Begin with the end in mind. We’ll help you pinpoint the right goal for you and assist you to achieve it.

Global Triathlon Options

It does not matter where in the world you are, or if you do long or short distance tri, we can help. Our personal training review and goal assessment will ensure you’re on track.

You Also Get Access To The EXCLUSIVE Coach Parry Online Community

When you sign up for either a Bronze, Silver or Gold Coaching Package you will get FREE Access to the Coach Parry Online Community. The Online Community is the ONLY place to get direct access to Coach Lindsey Parry and it is the ONLY place online where you can get access to the following:

– Live Weekly Q&A’s with our running, cycling and triathlon coaches

– Access to the full audio and video recordings of ALL live sessions we present

PLUS access to the Coach Parry Online Forum (Where you not only get direct access to Coach Parry, and all our coaches, but you also join a VERY active and supportive community of athletes from around the world who are on the same journey as you)

What others are saying about Coach Parry

Lindsey Parry is a world class coach that can help you achieve your athletic goals

Wian Sullwald

Irvette van Zyl

Olympic Marathoner

“Moving to Coach Parry has had a massive impact on my performance. After a few months of training with him and less racing than I was used to, I ran my best time over 10km – smashing my PB by 30s and running a 32:20 – equalling Zola Budd’s personal best.”

Brad Brown

Brad Brown

From 165kg to Ultra Marathoner & Ironman

“There are only a few coaches who can train both world champions and the average back of the packer. Lindsey Parry is one of them. That’s why I work with him.”

Wian Sullwald

Wian Sullwald

Junior World Triathlon Champ 2012

“Coach Parry is fantastic in the way that he is constantly looking for ways to improve the performance of an athlete. His understanding of the athlete’s physiology is exceptional and he is always able to relate to and advise me whenever I have an issue. Lindsey isn’t scared to make sacrifices for an athlete which is a very rare quality in a coach.”

Achieve your triathlon goals by working one on one with one of our Coach Parry triathlon coaches.