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4:50…What’s the Comrades Deal?

Today on RUN with Coach Parry we talk about yesterday’s big announcement that the Comrades Marathon Association has changed the qualifying criteria for The Ultimate Human Race.

4:50 it is. Now what?

THE SNEAK PEEK: Coach Parry Online Training Platform (Announcement)

For the last few weeks, my mind has been going a hundred kays an hour as I  think about what it really means to be able to train thousands of athletes around the world.   If you remember The Coach Parry Online Training Platform was created after it became clear to me...

The Run Better Resource Kit (Private Page)

The other day, I asked you if you would be interested in a “Run Better Resource Kit” that I was thinking of making.   I didn’t want to spend a bunch of time making this if no one was interested, so I asked you let me know if you wanted the kit...   ...if at least 500...

The FINAL Call (An Update On My Run Better Training Platform)

I just got finished packing (I hope I haven’t forgotten anything 🙈) for my trip to Cape Town for my jog around the city on Sunday (I’m really looking forward to seeing what the new course looks like . . . and possibly running a fairly fast marathon).

Over the years, I’ve been known to forget all sorts of things on my travels

Funny story…

Boston Marathon – We help John plan a Marathon PB [One on One Coaching Call]

On today’s episode of RUN with Coach Parry, we chat to one of our online community members John Hauber. John has been using one of our 12 week marathon programs and smashed his PB by 14 minutes; running 3:21 and in doing so also qualified for the Boston Marathon. Coach Parry helps John put a plan in place for the Boston Marathon for next year. 

They also discuss all things pacing, strength work and how to use shorter distances to help maximise training for the marathon distance. 

Balancing speed & endurance – One on One Coaching Session with Jeff Ostrom

Today’s one on one coaching call is with another one of our athletes on our marathon programs – Jeff Ostrom. Coach Parry advises Jeff on how to get faster across all distances, with KaapseHoop Marathon particularly in mind. Jeff comes from a team sport background and so Lindsey shares how this has probably helped his speed as well as his endurance for running. 

They also discuss how much mental tenacity is required for running and how to overcome some of these hurdles.