Is the conflicting advice you're getting about nutrition as an over 50s runner got you frustrated & confused?


Information overload leaving you feeling like you're drinking from a firehose?


It can be so overwhelming. There are so many mixed messages & conflicting advice when it comes to nutrition for the over 50 runner.
Carbs are good. No, wait. Carbs are bad.
Drink this supplement after training. No, actually don't.
Don't eat that if you're wanting to lose weight. Drink this instead.
This protein is better than that protein, so use this supplement instead.
Does it feel like no matter how hard you train you simply continue to pick up weight?
Do you feel like there are too many options but no REAL answers?

Imagine this scenario for a minute...

What if you suddenly had access to relevant, succinct nutrition advice?
Advice that told you exactly what and how much to eat & drink so that you know what to do when both training and racing.
Not only the what & how much, but the WHY too.
Simple nutrition advice that explained the science behind why it works, in an easy to understand way?
Imagine getting the balance right so that you have enough energy to train without worrying about picking up weight.
Knowing that you're eating and drinking the right things that are not only going to get you through your training but are also beneficial to your long term health.
Sound good?
We think so too and that is EXACTLY why we created this 5 part Video Training...

Practical Nutrition for the Over 50 Runner

If you are looking for no fluff, science-based nutrition training for runners over the age of 50, then this is for YOU!

"Practical Nutrition for the Over 50 Runner is informative and full of technical detail. I found that Nikki offered good practical solutions to address the issues faced by ageing runners and how to make changes to lifestyle, training and races in order to improve matters."

- Mike Smith, United Kingdom

This is what's inside the video training...

Module 1 - Nutrition for Bone Health

 In this module, we'll show you the macro and micronutrients that you need to keep your bones strong and healthy (and the foods you can find them in) so that you can avoid injuries like stress fractures, as you get older.

You'll discover the different needs of men and women when it comes to nutrition for bone health so that you can eat and drink the right things to strengthen your bones.

Module 2 - Nutrition for Muscle Maintenance

In this module, we cover everything you need to know about maintaining strong, healthy muscles as you get older.

You'll discover the optimal amount of protein you should be consuming to not only maintain muscle mass, but actually increase it

You'll also learn about the correct balance of carbs, protein & fats so that you have enough energy and also maintain muscle strength.

Module 3 - Hydration

In this module, we discuss how to get the balance right between hydrating enough to avoid dehydration, but also not too much so that you don't over-hydrate. 

We'll give you practical examples of how much you actually need to drink before, during and after your runs so that you get the best out of your training but also set yourself up to recover properly.

This module also covers alcohol consumption and the effect it has on your training (and reveals which drinks are better than others).

Module 4 - Nutrition for Weight Management

We cover EVERYTHING you need to know about managing your weight as an over 50 runner in this module. We look at losing, maintaining and gaining weight and how to manage each scenario practically.

We look at how to fuel correctly without gaining weight and how to get the results you're after without starving yourself or cutting out the foods you love.

We'll look at the impact of cutting carbs, protein and fats out of your diet in order to lose weight and give you practical examples of what you should actually be doing to control your weight.


 Module 5 - Nutrition for Training & Racing

In this module, we cover what (and how much) you should be eating and drinking before, during and after training and racing

Nicki gives you practical examples that you can start applying in your training today so that you can start fuelling your body correctly to get the most our of your training (and recovery). 

We help you calculate how much fuel you need during a run so that you don't hit the wall in the later stages of your training or race because you run out of energy.



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