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How to calculate your marathon race pace

If you’ve ever hit the wall in a marathon you’ll know that pacing is vital. But how do you know what pace you should be running at? Start out too fast and you’ll blow up in the final third of the marathon. Start out too slow and you won’t reach your marathon goal. 

In this video, Lindsey shares with Brad a simple rule of thumb that you can use to prevent yourself from starting out too fast and blowing your chances of achieving your marathon goal.

Racing 70.3 East London this weekend? Here’s all you need to know…

Are you racing IronMan 70.3 East London this weekend? Its known as one of the toughest 70.3 routes in the world. Have a listen to Rudolf and Brad to help calm your nerves as they discuss all you need to know for race day, from what to expect from the route and how to pace your race. 

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Training pace, cramping and everything leading to Comrades – We help Peter ahead of his first Comrades Marathon

On today’s episode of RUN with CoachParry we chat to one of our Online Training Platform members Peter Clark in his lead up to his first Comrades. Peter has an awesome story having lost 20kgs and in the process has completed 2 full IronMan and is attempting his first Comrades this year. Lindsey and he discuss all things from how to deal with cramping, how to choose the right Comrades program for your level and why we need to train slower to run faster. If you’re running Comrades, there’s definitely some value in here for you too!

Brad also shares one of our athlete’s Success Stories – Timothy Patterson and how he smashed his marathon in a 3 day event in Bermuda! 

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If you missed the first of this year’s Bonitas Online Comrades Success Seminar, you can catch the recording on our FaceBook page, YouTube page or website. 

Starting from scratch again – Get inspired listening to Lizahn’s story

On today’s episode of RUN with Coach Parry we chat to Lizahn Oosthuizen, she is a member of the CoachParry Online Training Community and is on a mission to make a comeback to running after a long time off. Lindsey guides her on all things training, injuries and how to build up starting from nothing again. 

From Soweto Marathon to Two Oceans – We help Yvonne put a plan in place for her first ultra

Yvonne September is a member of our Coach Parry Online Training community. She has made some amazing strides (pun intended) in her running and completed her first marathon – Soweto Marathon. She now has her sights on Two Oceans Ultra Marathon. Coach Parry helps Yvonne put a plan in place for this and they discuss pacing strategies and if its possible to split your weekly training runs as well as the importance of strength work. 

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Brad also shares another one of our community members SUCCESS STORIES, have a listen to that for some inspiration!

Everything you need from now till Comrades – We help Tanja put a plan in place for Comrades 2019

Today’s episode of RUN with Coach Parry we help one of our Online Training Platform community members Tanja Hayes put a plan in place for Comrades 2019. They discuss chasing marathon pb’s versus Comrades goals and how many marathons is ideal in the build up to Comrades 

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What training should you be doing over this festive season?

With the festive season upon us, Coach Parry and Brad discuss how much training you should be doing over this time. If youre qualifying for Comrades or Two Oceans or if you have already qualified – Lindsey breaks it all down for you in terms of when to run, how much to be doing and balancing the family (and over-indulgence) over this time. 

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How to not let December festivities get in the way of training- with Hobbo on his Couch-to-IronMan 70.3 Journey

Brad and Lindsey catch up with Hobbo, who is on a mission to get off the couch to IronMan 70.3 Durban in June 2019. He just finished his first triathlon and they discuss how to keep training and focused over the December holidays as well which races they are going to target in the lead up to IronMan 70.3 in Durban next year. 

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Cycling over the holidays – too little or too much?

Is the holiday season a good time to pick up the volume of training? Or should it be meant as a time for rejuvenation and rest? On today’s episode of RIDE with CoachParry, Devlin gives us what is ideal for your holiday training schedule.