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Nutrition during the swim? How do I ensure I am getting all the nutrition needed?

On today’s episode of TRI with CoachParry, we’re talking all things nutrition and in particular nutrition strategies for the swim leg of the race. How do you ensure you have enough nutrition for your swim, especially when its a longer race such as IronMan. Coach Rudolf gives some tips and ideas on how best to do this as well as some other nutrition ideas for your transitions.

All you need to know about the 2018 Telkom 947 route change

The 2018 Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge has switched the route around this year. Our cycling coach Devlin and Brad discuss the changes to the route and what you can expect on race day and how to change up your pacing on the day. Coach Devlin also offers some race week tips leading up to the big day. 

Hitting the training right to run Comrades with confidence

On today’s episode of RUN with CoachParry, we chat to another one of our CoachParry training platform members – Andrew Watt. Markus and Andrew discuss hill training and heart rate training specific to Comrades and all this builds towards running Comrades with confidence. We help Andrew put a goal time in place for his upcoming races as well as his next Comrades. 

Supplements on the bike – What do I need?

What nutrition should we be taking in on the bike? On today’s episode of RIDE with CoachParry, Coach Devlin gives us the low-down on supplements and what we should be taking in while on the road and if you’re training indoors

Nutrition tips to get you through a tough morning of training

Feeling RUNGRY after a heavy morning of training? Today’s episode of TRI with CoachParry will help you to plan your nutrition for when the hunger strikes after a session or when you have a big training day ahead. Coach Rudolf discusses what is best for post training nutrition and how to plan ahead for these sessions.

How to get faster over the shorter distances

Today’s episode of RUN with CoachParry is all about getting faster over the shorter distances. Coach Markus chats to one of our CoachParry online training platform members about his goals of getting faster over these distances and the best way to do it.
They discuss the balancing act of strength work (and the tired legs that accompany that) and running. As well as what is an ideal pre-run warm up (and post run beer count) is.

Are 3 group rides a week sufficient to train for a multi-day stage race?

Today’s question on RIDE with CoachParry comes from our athletes in our member’s forum – When training for a multi-day stage race; are the three clubs rides per week sufficient to get you prepared for these types of events? Coach Devlin and Brad discuss whether these are enough or if cyclists should be doing something different in their programs to maximise their preparations. Coach Devlin explains the benefit of structuring your programs to suit your race.

Swimming drills for triathletes – How important are they?

Today on TRI with CoachParry, our resident triathlete coach Rudolf Naude dives into swimming drills and how important they are for beginner triathletes. Rudolf gives some examples of some easy drills to start with and often these should be incorporated into your swimming training program.

Are you struggling to get back to fitness? Listen to this for some inspiration

On today’s episode of RUN with Coach Parry, we get to hear an inspirational story of getting back to fitness and health from one of our CoachParry community members – Steven Moodley. 

Lindsey and Steven discuss the advantages and benefit of slow aerobic base training and how this puts Steven in a good position on his road back to the Comrades Marathon in 2019. They also briefly chat about some tips on running as a vegetarian. 

How to deal with numbness & pain while cycling…

Today on RIDE with Coach Parry, coach Devlin Eyden and Brad Brown talk about dealing with numbness and shoulder & back pain that comes with riding a bike... Content hosted by iono.fm What are you training for? Simply click on any of the images below to access our...

What do to the last two weeks before a marathon

Today on RUN with Coach Parry we are joined by one of the members of the Coach Parry online training community and platform Tracey Salgado who has been training hard for the upcoming Kaapsehoop Marathon. Lindsey advises Tracey on what she should and shouldn’t do in the final two weeks in the run into her marathon.

4:50…What’s the Comrades Deal?

Today on RUN with Coach Parry we talk about yesterday’s big announcement that the Comrades Marathon Association has changed the qualifying criteria for The Ultimate Human Race.

4:50 it is. Now what?