Climb better – Tips to improve your bike performance

Climb better – Tips to improve your bike performance

On today's episode of the Ask Coach Parry Cycling podcast we chat to our cycling coach Devlin Eyden about how to improve on those climbs.  We chat about mistakes the average rider makes and he gives advice on how to correct them.

What are you training for?

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What do you need to do to climb better?

You’re listening to the Ask Coach Parry Cycling podcast. I’m Brad Brown, we’ve got Devlin Eyden, our cycling coach with us once again. Devlin, welcome back, I think there’s a few sore bodies after this weekend’s Cape Town Cycle Tour and you mentioned on Friday that there’s some big climbing in that race and today’s question actually comes in from Jennifer and she’s asking exactly that. She says: what do I need to do to climb better? Jennifer, I feel you, I’m not the smallest of cyclists, I’m great at going downhill, uphill not so much. Devlin, give us some practical tips to get better in climbing.

Devlin Eyden:      Look, this is a common question. There’s a lot of guys that have the same sort of feeling with climbing, myself included. I think more important than anything else is to make sure that you are training correctly for the climbing. What a couple of us would often get wrong is we enjoy to get out on the bike and we go and ride the easiest, most simple routes.

The only way you’re really going to get better at climbing is by climbing more.

Select the right training program for you

My suggestion would be to potentially have a look at getting a program set up for you. Something where there’s a bit of structure to the program, there’s the climbing training involved, the Power training that needs to go into it, so with regards to correct cadence, Power output and effort levels that are happening on the bike.

In climbing itself, when you’re out on the bike, the main thing is to try and find a rhythm, find something that works for you. More often than not, you’ll get a lot of riders that will often have a really high cadence, they see a climb coming, they start spinning out and more than anything else, you’re actually tiring yourself out.

Try and find the rhythm that works for you. Get to the top of the climb and from there, it’s something that you can recover further on.

Another good tip is, also just to make sure that the gear ratio on your bike is correct for the kind of climbing you’re going to be doing. It is a little impractical for most of us, as common cyclists in changing from one gear ratio to the next from race to race as well, that’s something that the professional riders have more access to, but have a look.

Make sure your equipment and your bike is set up correctly

If you know that you’re commonly riding a lot of climbing in any sort of sections in races, have the correct gear ratio that works for you, for the kind of rider you are as well and you’ll get that advice from your bike shops as well and mechanics at the store.

That’s my advice with regards to, train correctly for it and make sure that your equipment and your bike is set up correct for the climbing as well.

BB:         Devlin, that’s brilliant and you mentioned getting a training program that’ll work for you. If you want to get a training program from Devlin, all you need to do is head over to, you can get a few options there.

Get a training specific program and we’re going to be doing a few online seminars as well in the build up to the next big sort of fun ride, the Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge that’s coming up in November and if you want to ride your best one ever, we’d love to help. Get over to, that’s where you can get all the details.

Until next time, from the two of us, take care, cheers.

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