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Comrades Marathon 2019 – What you need to know…

Often referred to as The Ultimate Human Race, Comrades is an incredible, life-changing experience. 

The 2019 Comrades Marathon will be an ‘up run‘ and take place on Sunday 9 June 2019

In 2019 Comrades will be run from Durban to Pietermaritzburg and will be 87km or 54 miles in distance with 1166m or 3827ft of vertical ascent with a maximum elevation of 821m or 2696 ft.

Where do you start if you want to run the Comrades Marathon?

The answer is right here! We’d suggest bookmarking this page and checking back regularly as we are continually adding and revising our Comrades Marathon training and resources. 

The first thing you are going to need is a Comrades Marathon training program. It is important to select the right Comrades program, according to your running ability. A mistake many Comrades runners make is to select a training program that is way above their running ability thinking that if they train for a Bill Rowan, even though they are Comrades bronze medal or Vic Clapham candidates, they’ll be sufficiently prepared to finish Comrades.

The 2019 Comrades Marathon Up Run training programs will be available in July 2018. 

In the meantime, if you’d like to start training for Comrades, it is important to realise that just like the race itself, training for Comrades is a marathon and not a sprint. 

Running the Comrades can be daunting for an experienced runner, never mind someone who is toying with the idea of starting running to run Comrades (As do many people in South Africa).

This post gives a great insight into what it takes to go from Couch Potato to a Comrades Marathon runner in 12 months.

If the thought of running the Comrades Marathon has crossed your mind then this Is the Comrades Marathon for me” webinar will help you make your mind up. This post on what it takes to run the Comrades Marathon will certainly help too.

Comrades Marathon Inspiration

If you are looking for some Comrades Marathon inspiration and motivation then watch this short video.

This video was filmed at the 2014 Comrades Marathon and should definitely get the juices flowing!

Comrades Training Programmes

The official Comrades coach is Lindsey Parry. Lindsay has grown up around the South African running fraternity and in particular the Comrades Marathon (His dad Trevor Parry has three Comrades gold medals to his name).

Lindsey is a fantastic runner in his own right but his coaching resume speaks for itself. There are very many coaches who can coach elite athletes to superb results as there are many coaches who can train the average athlete to be their best. There are only a few who can do both. Lindsey Parry is one of them.

These are Lindsey Parry’s Comrades Marathon Training Programmes for the 2018 Down Run (until December. The rest will be released closer to the time):

Finisher (Vic Clapham medal) training programme July to December

Sub 11 Hour (Bronze Medal) training programme July to December

Sub 9 Hour (Bill Rowan Medal) Training Programme July to December

Sub 7:30 Hour (Silver Medal) Training Programme July to December

The up run is quite different to the down with as far as the stresses and strains that it puts on your body. The training, therefore, will also be slightly different between the two races. This post goes into detail on what the difference is training for the up run as opposed to the down run.

The route of the Comrades varies in distance, depending if it is an up run or a down run. The Comrades Marathon down run is 89km or 56 miles long and is run from Pietermaritzburg to Durban while the up run is run from Durban to Pietermaritzburg and is 86km or 54 miles long.

The terrain itself is punishing and it is not for the fainthearted. The down run is particularly bruising on the body.

The Comrades Marathon Up Run Route

As mentioned in that previous post the Comrades up run is very different to the down run. The start of the Comrades up run in Durban, for instance, differs in two major ways. Firstly, the roads out of Durban are a lot wider than those out of Pietermaritzburg so you get over the line a lot quicker and secondly it is quite a few degrees warmer. There are a few other differences too. You can find out all about the start of the Comrades up run here.

As you can see the route profile of the Comrades up run is very intimidating. If you want to know more about what you can expect as far as the Comrades up run route is concerned, check out this post detailing the first half of the Comrades Marathon up run and this one on the second half of the Comrades up run.

The Comrades Marathon Down Run Route

This is what you can expect at the Comrades start in Pietermaritzburg. There is not much down in the first half of the down run and the key is to pace yourself. From the start to just before Drummond is a long steady climb. This is a detailed description of the first half of the Comrades down run.

The second half of the down run can only be described as brutal. This is a detailed route description of the second half of the down run.

Comrades Marathon Race Day

The race has been run on various dates in the past. The 31st of May used to be Republic Day in South Africa and the race was run on that day for many years. Post 1994 Republic day fell away and the race date was moved to the Youth Day which falls on 16 June.

In recent years the date has now moved back to the second Sunday in June.

Pacing on Comrades Marathon race day is vital and it could be the difference in you getting your Comrades medal or not. This post talks you through exactly what you need to know as far as Comrades pacing goes.

One of the most popular posts we have done is how to save yourself 20 minutes on race day. It is very easy to get caught up in the vibe of the race and not take note of little ‘time stealers’ throughout the day. If you’re concerned about those dreaded cut off times, this post can save you at least 20 minutes.

Books about the Comrades Marathon

There have been several books written over the years about the Comrades. In 2011 John Cameron-Dow published Comrades Marathon – The Ultimate Human Race. The book is a wonderful account of the race from the early days right up until the modern era.

Don Oliver, who is a former Comrades Coach has also published a book called Make Sure of Your Comrades Medal. The book is a hands-on training guide that will talk you through the process of training for and running the Comrades Marathon (Eds note – Don is a fantastic coach but I feel that the amount of training Don recommends may be a bit too much. If I, for example, had to train for the race using Don’s programme I have no doubt I would break down with injury. Being a fairly big runner I would not cope with that amount of mileage but it is a great read none the less.).

Professor Tim Noakes’s Book The Lore of Running is an absolute classic in Comrades folklore. It is strictly speaking not a book on Comrades (although it is covered extensively) it covers everything from injury prevention and treatment to nutrition. (Eds note: The Prof has done an about turn on the nutrition section of this book but the rest of it is fantastic. If you would like to read up what the Prof now recommends his latest publication is The Real Meal Revolution)

The International Comrades Marathon Runner

Officially the largest ultramarathon in the world the race attracts runners from all around the world. The number of international athletes keeps increasing every year and in 2014 over 1600 international athletes took part. From a logistical perspective, Comrades is a very different race for runners that come from beyond South Africa’s borders.

One of the biggest challenges is actually getting to South Africa. It is not a short commute for most of the world. Jet lag and acclimatizing to the time difference can have an enormous impact on your run. This post is a perfect example of what can happen if you get it wrong and also the best way to combat jet lag.

Heat also plays a part, especially if you come from the Northern Hemisphere. This is probably the best way to deal with hot conditions on the day.

Post Comrades Recovery

Once all the hard work is done and the race is over, the time comes when you need to nurse your body and get it back to the way it was before you ran. There is often a temptation to start running again really soon after the Comrades but you should take at least 3 weeks off from running completely.

Sometimes it is inevitable that you will need to run a big race soon after the Comrades. If you are wondering how to train for it, this is what to do.

Sometimes, however, things don’t go the way you planned and you need deal with a disappointing Comrades.

We hope you found a lot of value in this Comrades Marathon Resource Guide. If you did, we’d love it if you spread the love and shared it with the runners you know. Please feel free to use any of the social sharing buttons below on this page.


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