Be cautious of that coffee stop and what you take in with it

Be cautious of that coffee stop and what you take in with it

On this episode of the Ask Coach Parry Cycling podcast we catch up on all the latest when it comes to those coffee stops whilst out training.  We ask our cycling coach Devlin Eyden what can be expected when consuming some of the treats on offer when we stop for that coffee drink and how it would potentially affect the training cycle.  He tells us what is okay to go with and what we should be avoiding to allow us to complete that ride.  Definitely something you should listen to if you are making the regular coffee stop on your bike training.

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David Katz: This is the Ask Coach Parry Cycling podcast, I’m Mr Active, David Katz. Devlin Eyden back in the studio with us and Devlin, a very popular thing when it comes to cycling is the coffee stop or the coffee ride, you sit down, you’re at a lovely coffee shop, what comes with coffee? There’s these pastries, there’s all these sweet treats that are often on offer, but looking at that, is there anything you should be looking to avoid? Maybe a guy gets some scrambled eggs at the same time with a bit of bacon possibly, are there things that you could land up eating that are going to affect you when you then want to resume your ride?

Don’t do anything that you’re not used to in your cycle ride

Devlin Eyden: I think with this one, as you mentioned, being quite a popular thing now, the coffee stop on the ride, firstly let’s just determine what is the goal of that particular ride? Are you out on a training ride or are you out on a social ride with the guys? If it’s more something social, for sure, have a cup of coffee, spend some time there, if you’re out more on a training ride, the first thing I want to say, don’t make that stop too long, unless it’s at the very end of your ride, then sit, have a cup of coffee, have a breakfast and what have you. It is important that if you’re at a halfway point and you’re on a training ride, the purpose of the training is that you’re trying to get gains out of that training session, don’t make the stop too long, that’s the first point.

Then things to avoid, we did touch in a previous podcast with caffeine intake, so I’m not going to go into any detail there, but having things whipped up with that coffee. You mentioned pastries and that, it’s important that one, being the nutrition on the bike in your training ride, but two, if you’re having a midway coffee stop and you start taking in any sort of pastries, anything with a lot of sugar and simple carbs and that, it is important to note that you are going to have a little bit of a spike in your energy, in your glycogen source. What will tend to happen then is you’re not maintaining that going forward with the rest of your ride. You might hit a little bit of a slump or hit a little bit of a wall towards the end of the ride.

I think it’s important that we don’t take in too much sugary stuff and then in saying that as well, don’t eat something that you’re not particularly used to. Remember, we’re on a training ride and you might be riding with energy bars and gels or something that you are used to and now suddenly out of nowhere you’re having a coffee stop and you’re going to have a heavy breakfast, some bacon and what have you, you then tend to find that you’re going to feel very sluggish to get started again. One, you’re going to have to wait for that food to settle in so it makes the stop a lot longer and then secondly, if it’s something that you’re not used to and you need to get back on the bike for another 2-3 hours going forward, you’re then going to find that you might pick up a little bit of gastrointestinal issues, a little bit of discomfort on the bike. It’s something to keep in mind. Don’t do anything that you’re not used to. I would just mainly stay away from the sugary things and high excess fatty foods.

DK: Devlin, they do say that mountain biking is the new golf, but there is no need for a stop at that halfway house, so thanks again for some very valuable advice.

From Devlin Eyden and myself, Mr Active, David Katz, we’ll catch up with you again in a couple of days’ time with another great question revolving around the great sport of cycling.

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