Am I Training Enough? (for my goal)

Am I Training Enough? (for my goal)

Today we're answering the million-dollar question: Are you training enough for the goal you're chasing? In this video, Coach Parry addresses this question and gives his advice on how to tell if you're training enough to meet your goals. 


Here are some of the main points in the video:

  • First things first is to decide what your main goal or priority. Which race are you training for?
  • You'll find out why adding more running to your training plan is a bad idea. 
  • Coach Parry also gives advice on what you could do to build up your fitness, instead of doing more running, to ensure you're training enough.

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Brad: Welcome on to another edition of RUN with Coach Parry. My name is Brad. We've got the coach Lindsey Parry with us and today a great question. I think it's one we all ask at some stage when training for race. Am I doing enough? Lindsey, nice to catch up once again.

Lindsey: Yeah, Brad, you are looking fresh as always.

Brad: Lindsey, great question in on the forums on the Coach Parry platform today. This one was from Ilze.

Ilze says: "I'm doing the Skukuza half marathon this year. I purchased the programme with that in mind, I have to admit it was challenging to slow down, but I'm willing to give it a go. Since then, I've also decided to do the Sox three day trail run, the sport not the full, which is the week after Skukuza as well as the Cape Town Marathon in September. I'm concerned that even though I'm getting enough training done for the Skukuza half, what about the all my other ventures planned for after the 21, can I safely add another training session per week without compromising my goal for Skukuza?"


Lindsey: Okay, so there's a couple of things that that we need to address in this question from Ilze. And the first one is actually what is the main priority? What is the main goal? So, if it's Skukuza, then we definitely wouldn't change anything. You need to train properly, go to Skukuza, get yourself a really good result. And the trail run, from the way the question is framed, is actually secondary to it. And the training that you've done for Skukuza, particularly if you are happy to run-walk and just enjoy the trail run will be enough training.

Moving on to Cape Town, then it does depend which of those two is more important, because if Cape Town is the real goal, then I would probably be on a marathon programme, and run the Skukuza to the best of my ability. If Skukuza is the main goal, you need to be on a half marathon programme, run the race, do your best and then you have six weeks where you can then cross over to a marathon programme. And in those six weeks, there will be enough long runs after Skukuza that will get you sufficiently prepared to go and run Cape Town Marathon and once again, do it to enjoy it, potentially qualify if that is the the aim.


In terms of adding in more running - that I wouldn't do. Again, based on the running background, which is roughly 45 to 50k's a week, adding another session of running is actually going to cause too much of a jump compared to what you normally do, and that's probably going to put you at risk of injury and illness and certainly puts you at risk of just rocking up at the half marathon tired.

What I would encourage is to be either adding in a strength training programme, or to do some cross training, like cycling, swimming, elliptical, something along those lines. That I think will give a nice balance to give you the confidence that you are doing a little bit more, but it won't be doing any of the damage that doing more running will do. So yeah, that that is the way that I would approach it.

But right at the sort of core of this is, which is more important: Skukuza or Cape Town? Once you made that decision, it then becomes easy to decide what programmes should be followed.


Brad: Yeah, and I think that applies to everything. Obviously we're talking about these two races specifically, but I think a lot of runners end up in that sort of conundrum of 'there's races on the calendar, which do I want to do?'. I think some sound advice is pick the one you want to focus on and then structure everything around that. And don't forget as well if you do want to grab yourself one of our strength training programmes, you can grab one on us, all you need to do is head over to The URL is on the screen right now. And you can download it for free as well. So go check it out. That's All the details are there.

Lindsey, as always great to catch up. Thanks for your time. We look forward to catching up in the forums on the Coach Parry Online Training Club or on the next video,

Lindsey: Brilliant, Brad. See you soon.

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