How to incorporate the Two Oceans into your Comrades Marathon training

How to incorporate the Two Oceans into your Comrades Marathon training

If you're planning on running both the Two Oceans and the Comrades Marathon this year, then this is the podcast for you! Today on RUN with Coach Parry we look at how to incorporate both OMTOM and Comrades into your training schedule.

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Incorporating Two Oceans into your Comrades training

Let's talk today's question. It's got to do with Two Oceans. There's lots of talk around Two Oceans because it's not too long ago now, but a lot of runners are trying to figure out how to incorporate Two Oceans in their Comrades training. What's the best way to do it? Should they be racing Oceans? This question says: How do I make sure that I train correctly for Oceans and don't blow my Comrades or vice versa?

I've always looked at Two Oceans as a great preparation race for Comrades. A couple days ago, we had the question asking about how many marathons and ultras, and for most people that is around three or four, and so Oceans could easily fill that hole. So I'm quite a big fan of doing Oceans, if you can, as a training run. This year, there's a reasonable amount of time between the two so I suppose if you're going to misbehave, then this would be the year to do it. But the real problem with doing that is that you're misbehaving on the 31st of March, which is literally in the middle of your peak training for Comrades and then you have to give yourself a chance to recover.

So the only thing that I will say you really shouldn't do is to race Oceans hard and then try and carry on training as if nothing happened. First prize is that you run Two Oceans, you enjoy it, have a good day out, but it's a really long training run. Second option is that you run hard, but then you give your body at least a week to recover and recover well, maybe some cross training, but stay away from running and then get back onto the training horse.


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