Member Resources

Training Plan Library

Access our science-based training plans for all distances from 5k through to ultra marathons and everything in between & for all abilities.

Strength Training For Runners

Shave minutes off your PB with our strength training plan that you can do once a week, at home and with no expensive gym equipment needed.

Coach Parry Strava Group

Get stuck in, ask questions, share your ideas and take part in the training we add to this group of awesome athletes. Come see where we hang out every day.

The Coach Parry Training Club

The Club is packed with everything you need to run to the best of your ability. Science-based training plans, live-streamed strength training classes, live training, group coaching calls and more.

Faster Beyond 50

Our flagship training framework for runners over the age of 50 will help you recover from training sessions quicker, run pain & injury-free and improve your endurance so that you can run faster well into your 50s, 60s & beyond.

Running Drills

Become a more efficient runner with our running drill flow. Do them once or twice a week to become the athlete we know you can be.

Running Through Menopause

Our flagship training framework for women over the age of 45 will show you not only what training to do every day, but exactly what pace you should be doing them, plus they include built-in strength training to help you stay injury-free.

Practical Nutrition for the Over 50 Runner

Our incredible online course for runners over the age of 50. We've taken a look at the latest science and explained in simple terms exactly how you can apply the theory to your life.