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We know how hard it is to stay motivated when training alone. That's why we've created this once-off offer to help you keep fit during the lockdown.

Train with us for the next 4 weeks for only $25 once-off. (Includes both treadmill & non-treadmill plans)

What are 'The Lockdown Training Plans'?

Step-by-step training plans that includes cardio & home-based strength training to keep you active during the lockdown

These are proven, science-backed training plans that will show you not only what training to do every day, but exactly what exercises you should be doing so that you avoid injury and ensure you're not over- or under-training.

A highly qualified AND experienced coach to guide you

This is the ONLY place you can get ongoing, direct access to Coach Parry through our easy to use forum. Get help and advice when you need it. It's as simple as sending a text message.

PLUS 4 live streamed fitness classes a week for you to attend

We are streaming 4 live fitness classes that your can do in the comfort of your own home every week. These classes will be for people of all abilities. Can't make the live stream? No problem, we'll record the classes and you can catch the replay when it suits you.

Be part of an engaged community while training on your own

Everyone it struggling to deal with social distancing and the isolation during the lockdown. Having access to the Coach Parry Lockdown Training Plans allows you to train alone but together with the most engaged running community online.

 Buy 4 weeks access to the Coach Parry Lockdown Training Plans for only $25

(Includes both treadmill & non-treadmill plans)

In a nutshell, here's what you get...

Access to all our Lockdown Training Plans

The plans are broken down weekly so you know exactly what you need to do every single day.


Strength Training Included

The plans include home-based strength training that you don't need expensive gym equipment to do.

4 Live Streamed Fitness Classes per Week

4 Live fitness classes that are streamed to you so that you can train with our community while social distancing at home.

Private Members-Only Community

Need motivation or have questions? We’ve got you covered with access to our exclusive online community.

What are the Lockdown Training Plans?

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Daily Training Sessions

- Every training session is broken down into exactly what you need to do

- There are both cardio and strength sessions

- There are plans you  can do with our without treadmills, indoor trainers or expensive gym equipment.

A Coach To Guide You

- Access to our qualified coaches, when you need it so that you get the help you need before it's too late

- Scientifically backed advice and help that actually works

- It's as simple as sending a text message to get advice as soon as you need help

Live Streamed Workout Sessions

- Included are 3 live streamed workout sessions weekly with our coaches so that you can train alone, but together with our community.

- Stay motivated to train on your own while getting help from our coaches during these classes.

Buy 4 weeks access to our Lockdown Training Plans for only $25

(Includes both treadmill & non-treadmill plans)