How to train for your first Parkrun

How to train for your first Parkrun

If you're wanting to start running, parkrun is THE best way to go about it...

This is how to go about training for your first one.

In this video, Lindsey and Brad talk about how to go about training for your very first parkrun.

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Welcome back on to the next edition of RUN with Coach Parry. My name is Brad Brown. We've got Lindsey with us once again. And today we're talking about doing your very first Parkrun and what it takes. Lindsey, great to catch up once again, are you well?

Yep, always good and always good to catch up.

Lindsey, a fantastic question and it almost follows on from one video that I did with you a couple of weeks ago. Someone was asking, they want to get started, they want to do their first Parkrun, but they have absolutely no idea how to get started. Can you give us some advice?

Yeah, so look, I suppose they're similar in a way, but the big difference here is that there's no massive time pressure in terms of 'I've go to run this ridiculous 87 to 90 kilometre race at some point in the future'. So this one is better, in terms of the fact that yes, we've got this target, it's a five kilometre Parkrun, but chances are that you could go and walk a Parkrun this weekend. And yes, it may be tiring and you're out of breath and it might feel like one of the hardest things you've ever done, because you haven't done any exercise for years and years and years.

But you know, just doing a Parkrun and getting across that finish line is absolutely doable as you sit there on the couch. So if you are very overweight, if you've got a history of smoking, and haven't done any exercise for many years, I would suggest just having a checkup, even if it's at the local pharmacy, go and just check the very easy things to measure like cholesterol, heart rate and blood pressure. And if there's anything picked up there, you know, then of course I would, recommend some medical intervention.

But provided that those little basics are in place, then you want to start out honestly as slowly as a human being with any aspirations can dare to start out. And that's why I really do feel strongly that in this situation, getting a beginner 5k programme and not just one anywhere off the net, you need to get a beginner 5k programme from somebody who understands what it's like to start from absolutely nothing. And you've got to just set your targets to get through each session, not give a damn how fast you are or not are, you just slow plug away, follow the steps slowly but surely, the walking will turn to running and you will walk less and less and run more and more.

And over a period of anywhere between 12 and 24 weeks, somewhere in that window, you're going to get to a point where you can run five kilometres and once you do that, you'll open Pandora's box because it really will fill you with an enormous sense of pride, achievement, and from there you've just got so many possibilities.

Run the parkrun faster. Try build up to a 10k. You just suddenly get a whole lot of options of goals that you can set for yourself and they don't necessarily have to end with you running a marathon. But they can all focus on the number of parkruns you can do. How fast you can get over 5K's eventually. How many people you can get to join you, join your new adventure. But really, once you've achieved that initial goal, there are just so many possibilities for you.

Yeah, absolutely. And like Lindsey said, if you are looking for a 5km programme to get you started, make sure you head over to and we've got a series of parkrun power-up programmes. Pretty much it'll get you going from zero to your first parkrun, or if you're watching this and you have run a few parkruns and you want to get faster, we've got programmes that will help you do that as well. So head over to and we'd love to help you achieve those goals. Lindsey as always great to catch up. Thanks for your time and we look forward to chatting again soon.


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