How to run a fast Half Marathon

How to run a fast Half Marathon

Ever wondered what it takes to run a fast 21k?

Lindsey shares his thoughts from the SA Half Marathon Championships in Port Elizabeth.


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We're at the SA Half Marathon Championships. Things are hotting up nicely with a very exciting men's and ladies race - extremely fast race. And I thought it'd be a great opportunity for me to give you guy's some tips on how to run your best half marathon.

A half marathon is a real classic blend of speed and endurance. So it's an important distance to train, get enough long, slow runs, picking up for last week's video where I was talking about what zones to run in. So you want to be spending 80% of your time running nice and easy but then really important to do some nice short, hard track sets. Mix up a little bit of tempo work, and then very importantly on the 21 is planning your race properly. Especially a flat race like you've got here at SA Champs and really dialling in on your pacing strategy and running as consistently as you can start to finish.

My name is Philani Buthelezi from Pretoria. Don't push too hard on yourself and just run, always, and do your best.

I'm Ulrica Stander. I'm running for Western Province and also Marie and Robert. My two words that I would think of that really help me to start and to keep going is number 1: consistency. Consistency is the number one tip I would give to someone. Being consistent in training and being consistent, being positive.

And the number two thing would be courage. Never ever give up. So when you're training and when you've got a good race, just keep going and when it's not going so well just stand up and keep going. Have courage.

More tips on how to train and training programmes you can go, we've got programmes there and lots of advice on the forum.

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