How Dr Erika Patel ran a 10k PB Post-Partum (And ran a 21k just 21 weeks after giving birth)

How Dr Erika Patel ran a 10k PB Post-Partum (And ran a 21k just 21 weeks after giving birth)

Dr Erika Patel (OBG) started running roughly 5 years ago with the purpose of losing some weight and getting healthy. She has run numerous short distances and completed the Berlin Marathon in 2018.


In November 2019, Erika was referred to Coach Parry after falling pregnant... 


...Her goal was to remain fit and healthy without excessive Partum weight gain and help shed light on Female Health during pregnancy but leading by example.


As an obstetrician-gynaecologist, Erika has extensive knowledge of female physiological changes during pregnancy. She combined these powers with Lindsey’s knowledge of exercising during pregnancy that he learnt as part of his post-graduate training as a biokineticist, to guide them through this journey. 


Running through pregnancy


The intention was to run/walk through to the final trimester and transition to aqua jogging and cycling. While the walking component increased and there was some aqua and cycling. 


Erika was able to run through just about her entire pregnancy, constantly being monitored, checking on baby and making sure both Mom and Babe remained healthy at all times...


Dr Erica Patel running while pregnant


Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in India were the toughest challenge for Erika to overcome. Only having a 200m driveway to run on, the constant turning did place too much stress and lead to some pubic pain which needed managing.


Post-Partum, was more of the same. Erika’s goal was to run a 21km (half marathon) just 21 weeks Post-Partum. 


We had a focus on building strength, with a gradual build-up, focusing on run/walk and using her heart rate to guide intensity. 


Smashing a half marathon just 21 weeks after giving birth


Erika and Lindsey were left speechless when she cruised her 21km in 2hrs24min.


It was time to set some goals and the 1st target was to work towards a new 10km PB (58min at the time). 


With her usual grace and determination, Erika churned out the work, seldom deviating from the script.


Race day arrived and Erika smashed her lifetime PR by 5min, running 53:43 and now her friends won’t believe that she is on a strict run-walk training plan ☺


Erica Patel 10k pb post pregnacy


Onto the next goal, and since runners just can’t stop setting goals, Erika would like to get under 50min for 10km, under 2hrs for the half and get back to running another Marathon in 2021.

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