Combining running with CrossFit

Combining running with CrossFit

Looking to mix up your training ahead of the Comrades Marathon? In this episode of the Ask Coach Parry podcast, we look more specifically at adding CrossFit. Does it constitute as strength training? And when would it be safest to try out, without hampered your Comrades preparation.

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Brad Brown: Welcome back, you’re listening to the Ask Coach Parry podcast. Don’t forget to check out our sister podcast, it’s also Coach Parry, but it’s cycling. So if you’re into cycling, go check it out. Just search on iTunes or Stitcher, you can get all the details there. It’s hosted by our cycling coach Devlin Eyden, some great advice there too.

Today’s question for Lindsey comes in from Jodene Momberg, also from within in the Coach Parry online community. Lindsey, Jodene was asking what your opinion on CrossFit boot camps are. She wants to know what your opinion is, are they considered as strength training?

Lindsey Parry: They’re definitely considered as strength training. I don’t feel like they are particularly specific to sport and in particular, running. If CrossFit is something that you are currently doing and you have been doing, then it’s not bad complementary exercise.

I personally am of the opinion that there are better avenues, but it certainly develops a strong core and glute and quads. The muscles that we need for running. If you’re doing it and you enjoy it and you’ve been doing it all along, then continue to do. You can continue to do it basically right up until 10 days before the race.

Don’t add cross training close to Comrades

If, however it’s something you’re considering now, to add in as complementary exercise to your training, CrossFit is a radical form of exercise. This is a particularly bad time to add it into a programme if you are training for Comrades.

Don’t start it now. In fact, I would almost go as far as to say that now is a bad time to start anything other than Pilates and yoga. While those will still make you a bit sore, stiff and uncomfortable to begin with. They won’t give you the really bad doms that you get from starting a gym programme.

If you’re looking for a form of strengthening to do, that’s going to help you on Comrades Race Day, for now, I would look at Pilates, yoga. If you’re already doing strength training, you can continue with that. But certainly if you’re not reasonably experienced CrossFit already, very bad time to add it on. If it’s something that interests you and you want to try out, save it for after Comrades when you’ve recovered from Comrades.

BB: Awesome stuff, Jodene, thank you very much. Lindsey, thanks to you as well. Don’t forget, if you are training for Comrades, we’ve got our next Comrades Marathon webinar, it’s coming up on Tuesday third of May, 8pm South African time. We’re going to be looking at the last month in the build up to Comrades. You don’t want to miss it. is where you can get it out. The link is in the show notes to this episode. Until next time, from the two of us, it’s cheers.

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