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Australia to Comrades – We help Trevor with his Comrades preparations

This week on RUN with CoachParry, we chat to one of our international members of the Online CoachParry Training Club – Trevor Smith. We’ve been helping Trevor on his road to his back2back Comrades medal and today’s episode Markus and Trevor chat a little more detail on a few questions for an athlete training overseas coming to run a race in South Africa. 

Tips to improve your open water swimming

Today on TRI with CoachParry there is a great question which came from our CoachParry Online Training Club about open water swimming. How is it best to translate performances in the pool to open water? Rudolf gives some great tips to maximise your open water swimming training. 

Cruising to a Comrades back2back medal – We help Shaun on how to balance working on the yachts and a structured Bill Rowan program

On today’s episode of RUN with CoachParry, we chat to Shaun Simpson who is one of our CoachParry Online Training Club members. Shaun lives and works on the super yachts and has his sights set on his back2back Comrades medal this year, after finishing in 8:28 in 2018! Lindsey and Shaun chat all things around how to use other modalities to assist with the lack of time he gets to run and Lindsey provides top advice on what to expect in the Up Run for any novice Comrades Up Runner. 

Are you racing too much?

We are often spoiled for choice with races in South Africa, but how much racing is too much? Devlin gives some great insight and advice on how to structure your races into your training plan. 

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How to approach your nutrition for an Olympic distance triathlon

On today’s episode of TRI with CoachParry Rudolf and Brad dive into everything that is needed nutrition wise for an Olympic Distance Triathlon, both on race day and in training. Rudolf also shares how much nutrition is needed whether you’re a recreational triathlete or one aiming for a podium finish.

Do I change my goal after a small setback in training? We help Schalk with his Bill Rowan Comrades plan

Do you need to change your goal after a small setback in training? Markus chats to one of our CoachParry Online Training Club members – Schalk Visagie – about whether he needs to change his goal of 3:30 marathon after missing 2 weeks of training, especially given that his Comrades goals for 2019 is a Bill Rowan medal. Markus and Schalk also go into depth around the theory of running slow to run fast, keeping your easy runs easy and your hard runs hard. 

Should I be preparing now for a multi-day stage race in 8 months time?

Today on RIDE with CoachParry, we answer a great question from one of members in the CoachParry Online Training Club who has a stage race in 8 months time (Cape Pioneer). She wanted to know what she should be doing now in order to be fully fit and ready for the start line in 8 months time. Devlin gives some info on what would be ideal for training now and how to stay motivated for the next 8 months, so that you’re ready to smash your next PB in 8 months time!

What success metrics should you track in your run training?

It’s super easy to get sucked into the latest and greatest gadgets and graphs, but what do they actually mean? Do you even need them and what should you be tracking to make sure you become a better runner.

On this quick video, Brad and Lindsey discuss what metrics you should be tracking in order to get the biggest bang for your buck in your run training.

Top recovery tips for triathletes

What is the best form of recovery for triathletes? With so many fads and products telling you how to recover, its difficult to decide what really is going to give you the most bang for your buck. Our resident triathlon coach, Rudolf gives some great insight into how best to maximise your recovery as a triathlete.

Everything about pacing – for a race and for training – We connect with Geoffrey about his sub-3 marathon aspirations

On today’s episode of RUN with CoachParry we chat to Geoffrey Abrams, a lifetime member of our CoachParry Online Training Platform. Geoffrey has a sub-3 marathon goal and with that; silver Comrades medal aspirations. Markus and Geoffrey chat all things pacing – within a race as well as how to approach your ideal training pace. They also chat about strength training and when the best time is to fit strength work into your weekly schedule. Be sure to listen to see how Geoffrey did at his most recent sub-3 marathon attempt this last weekend at Johnson Crane. 

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If you’re interested in the concept of “training slow to become fast” (polarized training) – the concept Markus was referring to in this chat – be sure to check out this lecture from one of the world leading sport scientists in endurance sports and polarized training in particular – Dr Stephen Seiler. Members of the CoachParry coaching team have had the privilege of being able to spend some time with Dr Seiler on 2 of his trips to SA. This is a lecture* he gave at Oxford Brookes university and really sums up the science and benefits of this type of training so well!

(*shared with permission from Dr Seiler)

What’s the best way to start training again after falling off the festive-season-wagon

Did your training fall by the wayside over the festive season? Devlin and Brad discuss the best way for you to get back into training, where to pick up on your training program and how best to find the motivation to get back on the wagon. 

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I have some pain – Should I rest or run?

We’ve all been there as a runner. You have a slight running niggle or are experiencing some pain and the million dollar question is “Should I run or rest?”

On this quick video, Brad and Lindsey discuss what signs indicate that it is ok to run and which signs should tell you to rest.