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How to fuel for your long runs

Do you find that you 'hit the wall' in the last quarter of your long runs?You know what it's like...One minute you're running at a good, solid pace...and then the next you're basically walking.Watch this video to see how you should be fueling your long runs so that...

Energy levels, stretching, massage and training slow to race fast – Dineo Masheane’s one on one coaching call

One of our Coach Parry Online Training Club members – Dineo Masheane gets the lowdown from Coach Parry on a whole load of topics in her one on one coaching call. Today’s episode of RUN with CoachParry really does have something for everyone. Dineo and Lindsey discuss really how often runners should be stretching, the benefits of massage and how Dineo can combat her low energy levels on her runs. Lindsey also goes into a little more detail on the concept of running slow to run fast.

Adjusting Your Training Programme

Have you ever wondered what impact living in a hilly or flat area has on your training programme? Should you be running for longer if your training runs are flat and should you be running less if you train in a hilly area? That's exactly what we discuss on this...

Can I continue to train while pregnant? We help Dani Hill-Welter adjust her training plan

Today on RUN with CoachParry, we chat to one of our members in the CoachParry Online Training Club – Dani Hill-Welter. Dani is in her first trimester of pregnancy and would like to continue to train through her pregnancy. Listen as CoachParry gives Dani some guidelines on how to adjust her training program, specifically the quality sessions and what to avoid during this time. This is a great episode for anyone who is pregnant and wants to continue training.