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Am I Training Enough? (for my goal)

It’s the million-dollar question…Are you training enough for the goal you’re chasing? In this video, Coach Parry addresses this question and gives his advice on how to tell if you’re training enough to meet your goals.

How to run a fast Half Marathon

Ever wondered what it takes to run a fast 21k? Lindsey shares his thoughts from the SA Half Marathon Championships in Port Elizabeth.

Fast Friday – Sticking to the plan

This week’s Fast Friday features Storm Cooper, a young triathlete currently at TuksSport High School. Since he started being coached, he has made a lot of progress with regards to his performance, as well as his attitude. He competed in the National Duathlon Championships this year and, despite things not going according to plan, he raced well and gained some valuable experience.

Fast Friday – Always Dare To Dream

16 months ago Ria wasn’t a runner. She was on the side of the road supporting a friend running Two Oceans. Just over a year later she has an incredible 10k PB of 45:47.

Using running as cycling cross-training

Today on RIDE with Coach Parry, Brad and cycling coach Devlin discuss using running as a form of cross-training as a cyclist. We find out if there is a benefit in continuing running if you make the switch from running to cycling and how to balance your training if you want to incorporate running in your cycling training.

Racing on feel – Jameel Haffejee’s one on one coaching call

On today's episode of RIDE with Coach Parry, Coach Devlin and I catch up with fellow South African Jameel Haffejee to answer all of his questions. We chat about Jameel's cycling background, how he got into the sport, and how long he's been cycling for. Devlin advises...

How to train for your first Parkrun

If you’re wanting to start running, parkrun is THE best way to go about it…
This is how to go about training for your first one.
In this video, Lindsey and Brad talk about how to go about training for your very first parkrun.

What does RPE training mean?

In this video, Brad and Coach Devlin talk about using RPE, or Rate of perceived effort as a gauge to how your training is going.

This video will tell you everything you need to know about training to RPE.