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How to not let December festivities get in the way of training- with Hobbo on his Couch-to-IronMan 70.3 Journey

Brad and Lindsey catch up with Hobbo, who is on a mission to get off the couch to IronMan 70.3 Durban in June 2019. He just finished his first triathlon and they discuss how to keep training and focused over the December holidays as well which races they are going to target in the lead up to IronMan 70.3 in Durban next year. 

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Cycling over the holidays – too little or too much?

Is the holiday season a good time to pick up the volume of training? Or should it be meant as a time for rejuvenation and rest? On today’s episode of RIDE with CoachParry, Devlin gives us what is ideal for your holiday training schedule. 

Looking for a change of pace – with Rory McGuirk

Markus chats to one of our CoachParry Online Training Platform members on today’s episode of RUN with CoachParry – Rory McGuirk. Rory has both a green and blue number for Comrades and Two Oceans respectively, however has been struggling with getting some motivation back. Markus and Rory explore some ideas to to find new ways to tackle the training; they venture into the advantages of perhaps changing Rory’s weekly schedule from a 7 day cycle to a 10 or 14 day cycle and the positive influence of strength work in his program.

They also look at some new exciting tech ideas such as training with power and discuss the aspects of Rory’s critical power tests and how to interpret and use the data to plan for Rory’s next Sainsbury attempt at Two Oceans next year. 

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What should you look for in a cycling coach?

When you’re looking for a cycling coach, do you know what to look for to get the best coach to suit you? Qualifications? Experience? Status? Devlin and Brad discuss things to look out for or to investigate when choosing the right coach for you. 

From injury to Two Oceans Ultra – we help put a plan in place for James Collins

On today’s episode of RUN with CoachParry we help put a plan in place for James Collins – one of our CoachParry Online Training Platform community members. James is struggling with a niggle from Comrades and has big Two Oceans Ultra goals for next year and so Lindsey helps James with some training plans and they discuss some other aspects around hill and power training. 

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Everything you need to know about FTP (Functional Threshold Power) testing

FTP or Functional Threshold Power is quite the buzz word, especially around most cycling circles. But what does it mean? What is the use of doing a FTP test? When is the best time to do the test? Will it be specific to my event as a cyclist or triathlete? Coach Devlin gives all these answers and how the results are best utilized in today’s episode of RIDE with CoachParry

Training to Power with Garth Willis

On this edition of RUN with Coach Parry, Brad & Lindsey are joined by one of the members of the Coach Parry Online Community Garth Willis to chat about using a power meter to enhance your training and racing.

We also hear from James ‘Hobbo’ Hobson who has had a tough week and is struggling to get his heart rate up while doing intervals as part of his #BiogenJourney

Overcoming adversity with Vance Harris

If you’re looking for some inspiration, listen to today’s episode of RUN with CoachParry. We talk to Vance Harris, a member of the CoachParry Training Platform who has a special place in his heart for the Comrades Marathon. He has run the race many times and has a phenomenal story overcoming cancer and run Comrades while receiving chemo treatment.

Lindsey and Vance discuss his Comrades 2019 aspirations as well as some pacing principles for Comrades up run. 

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What is the point of an LSD (long-slow-distance) ride?

Today’s question on RIDE with CoachParry comes from one of our members in the CoachParry Training Platform – asking what is the purpose of doing LSD (long, slow, distance) ride? Coach Devlin gives insights into why these types of sessions are so important and why we should not be skipping them. Devlin and Brad chat about what is the right intensity to do these rides at and why it is so easy to slip out of the right intensity.